What you need to know about the tiny bag trend

Bags have been around since the beginning of time. They’re necessary for carrying things around, and women especially need them to carry personal effects around wherever they go. A good bag nowadays is one that will fit a make up kit, a phone, wallet, important cards, wet wipes among other things. Women have been hauling all sizes of bags around. We’ve been through periods when oversized bags were in trend, bags that could easily hold a day’s change of clothes and shoes. So it’s a kind of shock when suddenly women are going for miniature bags that are only several inches long and seem okay with it.

Do they suddenly not need all the stuff that they stuffed into huge shoulder bags? That aside, most of these bags don’t look like they could hold a phone in them. While you might think that it’s a crazy trend, women didn’t exactly wake up and decide to go small. Like all fashion trends, the catwalk had everything do with it.

Tiny bag trend

Designers have a tendency to showcase strange outfits and accessories that are not practical in real life at all. So when designers such as Miu Miu, Jacquemus and Altuzarra among others had their models strutting the walkways with tiny bags accessorizing their outfits, it drew a lot of attention. For the most part, the bags looked like they were just there to add onto the prettiness of the outfits. However, as tiny bags quickly became a Fall 2018 fashion shows trend, they also became a trend in real life.

Women hung up their big bags and took up these much little ones. They might not look very practical, but they work. In a way, having such a bag forces one to rethink what stuff they really need to carry around with them. You’re left with the choice of absolute essentials, leaving the rest of the baggage you usually lugged around back in your bathroom.

Carrying such a small bag also gives you more freedom than an extra big bag ever could. Not to mention the relief that your shoulders and wrist experience due to the lighter load.

Super tiny bag

Below are some ways in which you can rock the tiny bag trend to your benefit:
– Coordinate your tiny bag with the colors of your outfit to take your overall style a notch higher.
– Use your little bag to bring a pop of color into your ensemble. This allows you to bring in bold colors in an understated manner that does no look overwhelming.
– Add detail to your outfit by choosing a small bag with embellishments. For instance, it could have a chain sling, or metal studs.
– Make your bag your statement piece. This is easy especially with laid back outfits. Your bag could have a fancy design, fabric or color that pulls all eyes to it.

If it makes space for what you need, then you should try this trend and see how it works for you. You might just find the next fresh twist to your wardrobe.