5 questions you should ask before buying sunglasses

For most of us, sunglasses are bought on a whim. An impulse purchase that isn’t usually given enough thought. As long as they look good, who cares, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. There are many things to factor in, such as comfort and purpose. After all, you’re using them to protect one of your most precious assets. To make the shopping process easier, we’ve put together the five most important questions that you should always ask before purchasing a pair of sunglasses.

5 questions you should ask before buying sunglasses

How will you be using them?

This question is one you must ask yourself. Will your new shades be for everyday casual wear? For trips to the beach or for sporting activities? Sunglasses for the beach should have a wider frame and cover more of your face to protect it against the harsh ultraviolet rays. Sporting shades are usually more slim-line and built with sturdier frames. It’s always best to choose a pair of shades that are specialized for the sporting activity you’ll be participating in.

UV protection or polarized?

Sunglasses are not only about how they look on you. It also boils down to protection and glare. There’s a big difference between UV protection and polarized glasses. UV protection provides more protection against harmful ultraviolet rays, while the polarization on your lenses will reduce glare and provide a clearer view. The ideal pair of sunglasses for everyday wear or sporting activities should offer both 100 percent UV protection as well as polarization.

What’s the best style to suit your face?

For a round face: Rectangle or square frames would suit you best.
If you have a heart-shaped face: Choose frames that are retro square, or shaped like a cat’s eye.
Is your face square? Round or cat-eye shaped frames would be ideal for you.
If you’re sporting a diamond-shaped face: look for frames that are oval or cat eye-shaped.
For someone with an oval face: You’re lucky that any frame shape will look good on you, but oversized frames are always a winner.

5 questions you should ask before buying sunglasses

Do these glasses fit properly? And how can you tell?

There’s no point in spending your hard-earned cash on sunglasses that don’t fit you as they should. A good fit is one where the frames rest on the bridge of your nose and your ears with even weight distribution. The width of the frames should also be equal to the width of your face. If a pair of sunglasses is too small, they’ll put pressure on your temples, and that could lead to awful headaches. If they’re too big, on the other hand, they’ll end up slipping down the bridge of your nose, which could also hurt your ears.


Now, this is a question that’s sadly widely overlooked, but it really is important. Is there a manufacturer’s warranty and what are the conditions? A warranty should cover the materials or any manufacturing defects for a period of at least one to two years. Also, it’s important for you to know if your sunglasses will be repaired or replaced if they’re faulty. Remember to keep your proof of purchase for the entire warranty period. You never know when you might need it.

So there you have it. By asking these five questions before selecting a pair of shades, you’ll save a lot of time and money without any regrets. Happy shopping!