Why exfoliating is important and how often to do this

There are many aspects to various beauty routines, but there is one that seems to come up time and time again: exfoliating. But why is exfoliating so important? And how often are we supposed to be scrubbing our skin?

Get glowing skin

Sometimes, it can feel as though the people in commercials are the only ones allowed to have glowing skin. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case. Sometimes, all we need to do is get exfoliating if we want to keep our skin looking healthy. Why? Exfoliating removes any old skin revealing the fresh and new skin underneath. This also helps to keep skin free of any acne as well as reducing any pores.

Help your tan

If you are heading off on vacation and want to come back with a sun-kissed glow, then it might be time to start incorporating exfoliating into your beauty routine. Exfoliating our entire body is a sure fire way to remove any old skin that might block the sun’s rays as they try and tan our skin. The same goes for self-tanners. Exfoliating your skin beforehand will help it to apply with ease giving an even coverage.

Help other products

Removing any unwanted skin not only helps to give us a fresher look, but it also helps any other products to apply with ease. That’s because nothing is in their way meaning our skin will be able to soak them up a lot quicker, and they can get to work faster as a result. Exfoliating can also help to remove any build-up in pores leaving them open to take in whatever product you use.

Avoid dry skin

Did you know that a build-up of products and old skin can actually make our skin drier in the long run? That’s right; they can all work against us over time if we don’t get on top of them now. Any areas of dry or scaly skin will benefit from exfoliation as it they can be removed and replaced by new skin cells when they grow through. Just be sure to moisturize afterward for the best results.

How often to exfoliate

Now, it comes down to the ultimate question: how often should we be exfoliating our skin? Some face washes have natural exfoliators in them that are gentle enough to be used every day. However, it’s thought that our skin will benefit from a gentle scrub twice a week. This goes for our face and body. Any more and you may find your skin becomes sensitive or damaged as a result. Any less and you might not feel the incredible benefits!

While some beauty routines feel as though they last a lifetime, a simple exfoliation is a quick addition that many of us can easily slot into our routines. The best bit? You should be left feeling fresher all around as a result, and it might not be long before others begin to notice – all thanks to one small extra step. Whoever would have thought?

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