Everything you should bring on your flight (and things you shouldn’t)

There’s nothing better than packing your bags, making your way to the airport, boarding your plane, and jetting off somewhere fabulous. Whether you’re flying off to somewhere hot, somewhere cold, or somewhere in-between, it’s always important to remember a suitcase full of clothes. But what else do you need for your flight? And what don’t you need? What you should bring on your flight:


One of the most important things you could take on an airplane is a bottle of water. While we know you can’t take a full bottle through security, always remember to buy one in duty-free, or buy one when you’re on the airplane. The recycled air that goes through the plane can make you extremely dehydrated, so always make sure you’re taking sips every now and then.

Noise canceling headphones

Whether you’re in it for the long haul or just a few hours, flights can be the perfect time for you to catch up on some sleep or just relax before your vacation. Because of this, a pair of noise-canceling headphones would not go amiss. Simply pop them on and leave the rest of the plane behind you.

An extra layer of clothing

You probably try and squeeze everything into your suitcase when traveling, but why not keep an extra layer out to take on the flight with you? It can get pretty cold when you’re up in the air, and there’s nothing worse than shivering for hours on end. Even if you don’t get cold, this sweater can double-up as your very own pillow!

Your phone

Okay, so we all know that we can’t send texts or call anyone while in-flight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your phone. As long as it’s in “Airplane Mode” you can use it to scroll through your photos, watch an episode of Netflix, or play some of your many mobile games. It’s just one way to keep you entertained.

What you shouldn’t bring on your flight:

Smelly food

It may seem odd to tell you not to take smelly food on a flight but just think about this for a minute. If you were on a flight and someone started eating a strong, smelly food next to you, would you turn your nose up? You have to think about the people around you and keep their noses happy.


Nowadays, there are very strict rules on taking liquids on a flight, and this means that you have to adhere to them. While it’s sometimes possible to take small amounts of liquid with you, you have to make sure that they are not over the limit. Always make sure you read the rules before you get to the airport, to avoid any lengthy delays. You’re on vacation, after all. You want everything to run smoothly.

Normally, a flight is the bridge between your everyday life and your vacation – and you want it to go as quickly as possible. By taking these things (and leaving the others behind), you can make that as simple as possible.

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