Some easy hacks to stay organized

Do you envy those people who always seem to have their life totally together? How is it some people can stay so organized in all aspects of their life? Are people born with this kind of incredible ability or do they learn it? If you’re the kind of person who has a messy desk and cluttered mind, you’ll love these easy hacks to stay organized.

The three most important

Many of us make to do lists as long as our arms every day, but this can actually be counterproductive if you’re not ticking those things off. Instead, write down the three most important tasks you need to do each day. Prioritize your to-do list, and you’ll find that everything else just seems to fall into place afterward. You can make a note of these three critical tasks however you want; in a notebook, on your phone, or even using a to-do list app. Focus on getting those three key things done, and everything else will seem much more manageable.

Tick off one at a time

We live in a world filled with distractions, so it can be easy to start one thing, get distracted, and then try working on another task. This will cause nothing but chaos, as you’ll find it difficult to actually tick anything off your list. Instead, focus on one thing at a time and get it done. You can then tick this off your list, before moving onto the next thing. Physically tick things off your list, too, as this can increase your productivity. The feeling of finishing something will spur you on to do the next thing.

Put everything in its place

A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind – sounds like a cliche, but it is true. If you’re living or working in chaos, then you’ll find it hard to stay organized. Instead of letting all of the mess build up, make it your mission to put everything in its rightful place straight away. Paperwork clogging up your desk? File it away. Dirty laundry on your bedroom floor? Put it in your laundry basket or, even better, in the washing machine! Turn this into a habit, and you’ll never feel like your home or work life is turning into chaos.

Color code

If you’re a visual person, then you might find color coding a useful hack to stay organized. Plus, it means going out to buy some stationery, which is always a winner. You can use this hack in every part of your life – whether it’s that dirty laundry, paperwork, or even your to do list. As long as you keep a note of what each color means, you’ll find yourself with an organized life in no time.

Have less stuff

This is quite possibly the easiest and hardest hack, all at once. It’s definitely easier said than done to have less stuff, but it can improve your life immensely. Dedicate one day a month to one big decluttering mission, whether that be in your home or your office. Pick a ‘type’ of thing to declutter, such as clothes or books, and then just get rid! Have a pile for keep, a pile for donate or sell, and a pile for the trash. Spend a few hours sorting through everything and be ruthless. Having less stuff cluttering up your space will make it much easier to stay organized.

These are just some easy hacks to stay organized, but there are plenty more. Start by making a list of three important things and go from there! You’ll be surprised at how quickly being organized becomes a habit.

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