What is dry brushing, and what are its benefits?

Have you ever wondered how people appear to have that flawless skin or appear to have no marks on them? How are these people real? There could be a secret: dry brushing. But what is dry brushing, and what are its benefits?

What is dry brushing?

Let’s get to it. Dry brushing involves taking a dry brush and running it all over our body in circular motions. Yup, it really is that simple! However, the routine has proven it has many benefits, and not all of them are what we might expect.

Dry brushes

Exfoliate our skin

Dry brushing can be the perfect way to exfoliate our skin without the need for expensive lotions or exfoliators. Plus, some of the products can be pretty harsh on our skin and leave it feeling irritated as a result. Dry brushing doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, but instead works to remove any old layers of skin leaving fresh, glowing skin underneath – all with a few minutes of dry brushing a day.

Increase circulation

Dry brushing helps to get the blood flowing around our bodies. This, in turn, can help to keep it pumping in the long run. As well as making sure our bodies are getting everything they need, dry brushing can help to reduce cellulite thanks to the boost in circulation. It’s thought that it’s best to brush toward your heart to make sure you are getting the most from your session.

Tone up

Ok, dry brushing isn’t the equivalent of a workout at the gym, but it could help to tone up your muscles in the long run – or at least make it seem that way. The brushing helps to distribute the fat cells throughout our body which, in turn, helps to avoid any build-ups in certain areas. The result? Our muscles often look longer and leaner as they are no longer covered by fat deposits.

Dry brushing

Avoid ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are something that have plagued many of us over the years. No matter how hard we try, it appears as though some hairs just aren’t ready to show themselves off to the world. Dry brushing encourages our cells to rejuvenate which pushes any ingrown hairs out to the surface. Plus, people using laser treatment claim that dry brushing can also help to loosen any of their zapped hairs and leave their skin smoother as a result.

Boost your immune system

Getting our blood flowing around our bodies and giving our muscles a light massage at the same time can both help to boost our immune systems. Dry body brushing can help to stimulate the lymphatic system. This is in charge of breaking down any waste, toxins, or bacteria in our blood that might cause us to get sick in the long run. To top it off, dry brushing might also protect us from illnesses after many uses. Perfect.

Could dry brushing get any better? It feels as though there’s no end to the number of benefits, and it might be time to start enjoying some for ourselves.

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