Decluttering as a new way of life

Decluttering is not just about throwing out old things and making the home look neater, it is also about clearing bad habits and negativity from life. Whether it is parting ways with things that take up space and collect dust or parting ways with people that hold you back, decluttering allows us to reorganize our environment and life. Here are a few reasons why decluttering should be a new way of life for us all.

Leave it in the past

Decluttering things from the home can help us move on from the past. There may be things lingering around that subconsciously trigger us to think about the event or person we are trying to move on from. Whether it’s payslips from an old job, an old sweater from an ex-partner, or ideas that didn’t work out, throw them out to make space for new and exciting things. There is nothing wrong with being sentimental, but holding on to every single thing that has some sort of memory tied to it can hold you back from moving on.



When things start getting overcrowded in our environment it can have an impact on our emotions and thoughts. Like there is literally no space to breathe. The clutter can make it hard to think clearly or find any peace. By decluttering the space around you, it helps to create a clean, and calm environment that feels like an escape from the chaos of everyday life. If you want to get the positivity and calm flowing, then try your hand at some feng shui after you have decluttered the space.

Save money

Ever spent money on something you really needed only to find you had it at home all along? This has happened to the best of us. Decluttering is not only great for clearing out old stuff but along the way, you’ll probably stumble across a few things you need, which you didn’t even realize you own. This is helpful because now you have a mental note of what you already have at home before venturing into the shops.

More time

Many people may not be aware of this, but clutter actually steals valuable minutes from our day. The frantic rush in the morning trying to find the perfect jacket hidden under heaps of clothing, or the panic that sets in trying to find the car keys. These things dig into precious seconds we can’t really afford to lose. By getting organized and removing the unnecessary clutter, it’s easier to find the things you are looking for. Decluttering also helps to start the day off on a good note without the stress of trying to get organized before work.


A new outlook

It may take a while to build up the motivation to clean and declutter, but once the job has been done it elevates our mood and gives us a new outlook on life. It helps us to pinpoint our bad habits such as hoarding bits and bobs and forces us to try and stick to new habits of clearing out clutter before it gets unbearable. A little self-improvement goes a long way and when we can kick one bad habit, it’s easier to drop other habits that are holding us back.

Less is always more and when it comes to our personal environments, this saying couldn’t be truer. Free yourself from the clutter that doesn’t bring meaning or purpose to your life.

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