What the color of your clothes says about you

Ever wondered if the person wearing bright clothes is always happy? Or if wearing black all the time makes you seem unapproachable to others? While many of us try not to judge a person by their clothes, it’s too easy for our subconscious to make assumptions of people based on what they are wearing. If you want to give off the right impression, then read on! This is what the color of your clothes says about you… Just take a look at your current outfit, pick the prominent color, and read what message you’re giving off.


Many people see red as a sign of power or danger. However, it’s not just about how others perceive your red outfit. According to experts, wearing red will make you feel more powerful too! The color is one that raises your blood pressure and pulse rate, whether it’s you that’s wearing it or if you see someone else wearing it. Just make sure you mix red with the right colors… For example, red and black can be seen as more aggressive than powerful.

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Blue is the kind of color that makes people think, as it’s often dubbed the ‘thoughtful’ color. It also says to people that you know what you are talking about and that you have an air of authority about you. If you’ve got a big meeting or presentation, then it’s probably best to reach for an outfit that’s full of blue. Dark blue is about as authoritative as you can get, if you really want to prove you know what you’re talking about!


A lot of people assume that wearing yellow will instantly make them appear sunny and happy. However, there is also a darker side to yellow that not many people consider when they put on their brightest blazer. As this is the color of self-confidence and ego, wearing the wrong shade can actually have a detrimental effect. Instead of making you look confident and full of positive energy, it can create anxiety and fear instead. Make sure you’re wearing the right shade of yellow for you!


If you’re wearing green, then people might see you as quite a balanced person. It is one of the most restful and peaceful colors to look at, making people feel at ease. Green symbolizes the balance between the mind, soul, and the body, so it’s an excellent clothing choice for those who want to bring peace to all around them.

Photo: BURST


Black is the go-to, effortless color, right? When in doubt, pull something black out of your wardrobe. Why do you think we’re always told to own a Little Black Dress?! Unfortunately, the psychology behind this color might not be as positive as we feel when we wiggle into that LBD. As it doesn’t reflect anything, it is thought to protect you from any kind of emotional energy coming your way. Think of it as the safety blanket color! While that isn’t the end of the world, it can prevent you from making emotional connections.


If you’re dressed head to toe in gray, then it might be time to shake things up in life. It turns out that this color can actually make us feel down in the dumps or even less productive at work. Many people reach for gray when it comes to office outfits, but it could actually be making us (and all those around us) feel lethargic. Who knew!

The next time you get dressed, consider what the color of your outfit is going to say about you. And try to avoid that gray!

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