Celebs who keep on repeating their own looks

When it comes to the rich and famous, owning that one outfit that you just love and end up picking most of the times even when you have a ton of other outfit options just isn’t an option. No matter how much you love a dress, once you’ve stepped out onto a red carpet in it, that’s it, time to move on to another outfit that will be discarded likewise. This practice has been the order of the day among celebrities for so long, repeating outfits is actually considered to be a fashion faux pas.

Most celebrities would not be caught commiting this fashion crime, but there are a few who have been bold enough to wear their favorite outfits more than once. Given that someone as prominent as Kate Middleton, UK’s future Queen has no qualms about repeating a lot of her outfits severally, the practice is no longer as surprising as it was years back. A celebrity can now step out in a dress they’ve already worn and be applauded instead of being baffled at.

One thing that’s constant with the outfit repeaters is that they always make sure to pull off different looks even with the same outfit. On the occasions they wear the same outfit, they do changes with their hairstyles, the shoes that they pair the outfit with and accompanying accessories. So, while they’re repeating outfits, they practically rock a new look each time. Below are some of the famous people known for their repetitive outfits.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

The British Royal is a frequent partaker of repeated outfits. She has been spotted twice in a pink pleated Emilia Wickstead dress, once in May 2012 at a royal reception and barely two weeks later at the Buckingham Palace. Even for repeaters, they don’t usually repeat the outfits so soon, so Kate must have really loved the dress.

Rita Moreno

Unlike Kate who couldn’t wait two weeks to get back into her pretty pink dress, it took Rita Moreno 56 years to repeat a dress. She showed up at the 2018 Oscars in the same dress she wore to the same event in 1962. Apparently, the dress had been sitting in her closet all those years! That one definitely made history.

Cate Blanchett

Cate repeats her outfits with a purpose to it. She has strong feelings about the pollution caused to the environment by discarded clothes and feels that ridding of garments after wearing them once is ridiculous. According to her stylist, Cate will be repeating a lot of her outfits in the future in regards to this.

Cate Blanchett

Keira Knightley

Women don’t usually wear their wedding dresses on any other day than their wedding, but that was before Keira Knightley came along. She was once spotted in a white dress which she then wore on her wedding day years later, and spotted in it once again after the wedding. Now, this is not just a practice that’s not common with celebrities but with everybody else.

Selena Gomez

Selena rocked the same dress within a period of two months, only with slight changes in the accessorizing. It was a pale blue street style dress that she wore with sneakers in September and October 2017.

If Rita Moreno could repeat an outfit on the Oscars red carpet, then outfit repeating among celebs is almost done with sounding like such a weird practice, especially with people like Cate Blanchett coming so strongly and reasonably about it.

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