Celebrities who are over 85 and still making headlines

During the Golden Age of Hollywood, few managed to stand out from the crowd and really make a name for themselves. Many have managed to stay relevant over the years. They have continued to work on movies and television shows, carried on making music, and paved the way into the realm of legends. Of course, the Golden Age began in the late 1920s, which means a lot of these stars are no longer spring chickens. But that hasn’t stopped these celebrities over 85 from making headlines and continuing to take the world by storm…

[post_page_title]Tippi Hedren (88 years old)[/post_page_title]

Although Tippi Hedren will soon be knocking on the door of her ninth decade, she hasn’t let age define her working schedule. After making her modeling debut when she was just 20 years old, Tippi immediately became the talk of Tinsel Town.

Before too long, she was schmoozing with some of the biggest names in the acting business, including the legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. It was this relationship that blew up her acting and modeling career – one that is still going strong today! In fact, she was recently the face of a Gucci campaign.

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