Candid photographs that show the Royals are very much like us

Candid photographs that show the Royals are very much like us

Rules are a staple of the Royal Family – a strict code, to be precise. This royal code exists not just because of established traditions over the years, but for the Royals’ safety. Shopping at the supermarket or going for a stroll may be normal to us, but is impossible for members of the Royal Family, due to safety concerns.There are also guidelines on behavior and dress. Although the high level of security makes the Royal Family unique, they’re not unlike us, beneath all the proper regulations. Just like normal people, they like to indulge in a sense of humor and some playful or even downright absurd behavior once in a while. It’s rare that these moments are photographed, but when they are, it’s a friendly reminder that we’re not so different from the monarchy. Here are the ultimate candid shots that prove even royalty has their days off.

[post_page_title]High heel issue[/post_page_title]

Every woman understands the difficult task of walking in high heels. Wearing this painful fashion statement proves particularly difficult on rough roads and winding paths that can betray our stilettos.

High heel issue

Even Duchess Kate Middleton, who is usually elegance and class embodied, got stuck in a pesky grate. However, her Prince Charming was quick to assist in this fashion mishap, loosening the heel from its prison.

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