Can you meet ‘the one’ while traveling?

At some point in our lives, we have all wondered if we will ever find true love. Is there really such a thing as souls destined to be together, or ‘the one?’ We all hope that there really is someone whose fate will become entwined with yours, but does such a person really exist?

There are many different ideas about whether there is just one person who is right for us, or if there are more than one. Many claim that there is no such thing as ‘the one.’ They say that it is only a story drawn up by poets and romantic writers. The idea is heartwarming and endearing, of course, and therefore many accept it as truth. But there is always the possibility that you will never meet someone who truly becomes your counterpart.

Can you meet ‘the one’ while traveling?

What if the right person for you lives on the other side of the world? Or maybe you see the person somewhere in a crowd, on a street, or across the road – a stranger who passes by and never crosses your path again. You can never know if you meet the person meant for you, or if you’ll come across someone else who could be your potential soul mate. That’s the drawback of and the beauty of it.

Meeting your true love while traveling

Movies, books, and television shows sell the idea of love springing up between a traveler in a new place and a stranger he or she meets on the journey. The possibility of meeting your true love who lives far far away, seems a bit like winning the lottery – it’s an unlikely happening, but we all dream about it.

Fiction and fantasy make it look so common and easy. Two people meet; they hang out, laugh, fight, but ultimately realize they are meant to be together and they walk off into the sunset hand in hand to live happily ever after. But can it really happen that way in real life?

You may find from your experience that people usually don’t click just like that. Odds are you will meet some memorable people while traveling and gain lots of fond memories. However, your happily ever after might prove elusive. The sad truth is that you often don’t see every side of the people you meet on the road. What initially is spontaneous and exciting might fizzle out later. Also, you have a life to get back to, as does the person you met. Is one of you willing to pack up and leave their home to be with the other? Money, careers, commitments, and many factors cut in and make such a decision questionable.

Can you meet ‘the one’ while traveling?

It is not impossible to fall in love while traveling and maybe, just maybe, you will find the person you want to spend your life with. If so, just let things happen at their own pace. Do not rush anything. Ask yourself if your feelings are real and work out things like where you will live, and how to introduce each other to your families. If everything falls into place, then you are extremely fortunate and one of the few who have found love on the road.

The key thing is not to count on meeting your life partner while you’re traveling, but instead to let things just happen naturally.

Will you meet ‘the one’ on the road? Maybe, you will – you never know. It’s rare, but that’s what makes it so special.

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