How to buy clothes online that actually fit

Today’s world is one of convenience, and online shopping is one of those beautifully easy portals. No need to leave the house, or step out of the office during lunch break. Just a few clicks and we’re done. Delivered right to our doorsteps, it’s nearly perfect… Nearly. It’s a heart-sinking feeling when those new jeans have turned up too small and that dress is way too big.

Avoid these future disappointments by following our steps to online shopping like a pro to get the perfect fit.

How to buy clothes online that actually fit

Know thyself

It might come as a surprise to some, but many of us are not truly aware of our sizes. There are four important measurements we need to know that will be the main key to our shopping success.
The bust: Measure under the arms, around the back, and to the fullest part of the bust. Don’t pull the tape too tightly when measuring. An underbust measurement will be needed for bra shopping.
Waist: Take the tape all around from the back to the front at about one inch above the navel.
Hip: Measure the fullest part of the hip to get the right circumference.
Inseam: Measure from the ankle to the groin in a standing position.

It is imperative to know these measurements before even attempting to shop for clothes online.

Scout the size chart

Every shopping portal should have a size chart, think of this as an online dressing room. Make sure to find it and use it. Compare the measurements with those on the charts to find the best match and ensure that those items will fit. Some websites do sell ranges from many brands, but the size charts might not be suited to each brand. When purchasing a specific brand from a generic store portal, it’s always a good idea to check the size chart on the brand’s website, just to be sure.

Customer reviews and ratings

There is no better way to get a feel for a company than reading the reviews. These valuable tidbits of information are like golden nuggets for online shoppers. The reviews and ratings give a great perspective on size accuracy, quality, reliability at honoring the returns policy, and customer service overall. These can also be used to see if the chosen item should be ordered a bit bigger or smaller according to the size chart.

How to buy clothes online that actually fit

Optimize your shopping

A quick internet search will take you to several websites that offer an incredible service. Enter the body measurements, click the search button, and relax while the power of the internet works to your advantage. The search will come back with a number of sites and brands that stock the right sizes.

Online shopping can be a little scary at first, but remember that practice makes perfect. Even with these great tips, however, mistakes can still happen. Don’t panic when they do. Communication with a reputable company is key and they will try their best to save their good name by honoring their policies.

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