The best and worst ages to travel with a child

Traveling with a child can be quite a challenge. Children can be so unpredictable during traveling and there’s no way to plan for everything. It takes a lot of preparation and consideration to travel with a child.

If you are planning a trip with a small child, you should think of the different things that could go wrong and how you will handle them. For example, what should you do if your child cries continuously during a flight? What should you do if your child has a temper tantrum in a public place? Where will you be able to change your child’s diapers when you need to?

You are the one who knows the personality, temperament, and behavior of your child very well. Although each child is unique and different, there are certain ages that are better and certain ages that are worse when it comes to traveling.

0 to 3 months old

It is definitely not recommended to travel with a child at this age unless there is an emergency or urgent reason to do so. Babies at this age are colicky and have problems sleeping. It will be a challenge for parents to travel with such young babies. In addition, new parents are usually stressed, and the mothers need time to recover from childbirth. Your baby is also still vulnerable to bacteria and germs, which can be found on the flight and in public places. The last thing you want is a sick baby on your trip.

3 to 9 months old

It is a little bit safer and more comfortable to travel with your baby at this age, but it is still a challenge. Your baby will sleep a lot and is not so mobile at this age. The parents are still new parents and are still getting used to having a child to take care of. The baby will still need to be fed regularly, have its diapers changed, and will take long naps.

9 to 12 months old

At this age, your child starts to crawl and become more active and mobile. They will be squirmy and require a great deal of care and attention. It is recommended for you to buy a separate seat for your child on the flight by this time.

12 to 24 months old

Your child starts walking at this age. They may still be too young to fully understand and follow your instructions, so you may need to bring along snacks and toys in order to keep your child happy and well behaved.

2 to 3 years old

Finally, when children are around two years old, it becomes more safe and comfortable to travel with them. Your child understands more and is able to follow your instructions. In addition, your child can entertain himself or herself during the flight.

3 to 4 years old

It becomes even more comfortable to travel with your child at this age. Your child understands and follows your instructions. He or she can entertain himself or herself during the flight and enjoy some of the attractions and sites that you plan to see.

Above 4 years old

This is certainly the best age to take your child to travel with you. Your child can enjoy the trip along with you once they reach this age, and they can entertain themselves when they need to.

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