The best websites to buy makeup from

Online shopping is a trend that has been blowing up in the last few years. For good reason too, as it provides consumers with an easy way to access genuine international brands that they may not find in their local stores. A lot of websites offering makeup products have merged for this very reason. Some reasons why many makeup enthusiasts may go for online shopping is because:

  • The products are only available in a few countries, and to get them internationally you’d have to buy online.
  • Some of the branded makeup products sold locally could be fakes. In fact, a lot of counterfeit products fill the market, and only by buying through an authentic makeup website can you be sure that you’re getting the genuine product. 
  • While some brands are available internationally, they’re much cheaper in some markets compared to others. For instance, products are a lot more cheaper in the US than in most other countries, so by buying from US websites, consumers save a lot of money. 

In deciding the best websites to buy makeup from, a lot of factors are considered. These include:

  • The genuineness of the products the website has on offer. 
  • The ease in shipping. 
  • The pricing of the products. 
  • The availability of makeup products from a variety of brands. 

On the following basis, these are the best websites to buy makeup from:

Violet Grey

When Cassandra Grey founded Violet Grey, she had the intention of making products used by Hollywood A-listers and celebrity makeup artists available online. The Shelves, a component of Violet Grey, is the specific place where you can access these top of the grade products. What makes Grey’s website authentic is that before she puts any product on offer, she carefully vets it to ensure it passes ‘The Violet Code’ and is truly a ‘Hollywood hero’ product. If you have been wanting to rock your favorite celebrity’s look, this is the website to click over to.


Imagine getting three free samples for every order you make. That’s the kind of deal you get when you shop online at Sephora, and one reason why it’s on this list. Another one is because you can find literally anything for your makeup kit here. Makeup, products for your hair, nails, and even fragrances. You’ll also find the numerous user reviews handy when you’re stuck between two products, or when you need to know just how well something works. Sephora also allows you to rack up points through the Beauty Insider program, with which you can get freebies and gifts.

Find whatever brand is on your mind on Nars, St.Tropez, Urban Decay, BareMinerals and more. They’re also always already with bringing the newest products to you. With a $35 minimum order, you can get free shipping.



Nordstrom gives you what not many online shopping websites offer nowadays. A free shipping that does not have a minimum limit. Get products from brands such as Dior, MAC, Essie and more. The site also has a free return policy, and that just proves the confidence they have in the quality of their products.

E.L.F. Cosmetics

E.L.F. allows you to expand your makeup collection without blowing up your makeup spending budget. All their offers are unusually affordable from makeup and skin care.

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