Best summer jobs out there

When the summer comes around, most of us can’t wait to don our swimsuits and head to the beach. After all, it’s time away from school or college, and it’s time just to unwind and relax, right? Well, as much as that is the case, these fun summers will be a drain on your bank account. That’s before you even think about college tuition and the loans that you have to pay back. So, what if you could have the best of both worlds? By grabbing yourself a summer job, you can not only gain experience and money at the same time, but you can also use this money to fund your next semester at school and your summer antics. What could be better than that?



Of course, this one isn’t great if you’re not a strong swimmer yourself, or even if you don’t have the right qualifications. However, if you do put in a little time, effort, and money into getting your lifeguard certification, then you can spend your summers hanging out in the pool. While there’s a lot of pressure on the shoulders of lifeguards, the hours are normally fairly flexible, and it’s not your average office job.


City tour guide

Do you live in a big city? If you do, there’s a high chance that they are looking for a few new tour guides over the busy summer period. This is the perfect job if you like to explore the great outdoors, meet new people, and earn some money in the process. All you need is a general knowledge of your city, and the ability to take groups of people around for a few hours a day. You never know, you might even learn something about yourself and your city while you work!

Dog walker

Do you love dogs? Do you love the outdoors? Do you have a few hours to spare each day? Well, dog walking could be for you. There are countless websites out there that let you sign up to be a dog walker, or you can simply wander around your neighborhood and ask those who have dogs whether they need any help over the summer period. This can be a fun and exciting way to get your doggy fix while also earning some cold, hard cash.

Summer camp counselor

When you were younger, you may have spent your summers at summer camp. You probably have fond memories of these summers, so why not help another student feel the same way? There are so many camps across the US and the rest of the world, and they are constantly on the lookout for summer camp counselors to keep these students in check. It will be fun for you, it will be fun for the kids, and it will look great on your resume.



If you are the kind of student that excels in the academic department, then why not try to help others reach the same stage in their own lives? Tutoring is a great way to give back to those who need a little helping hand, but it’s also a great way to earn an impressive amount of cash. You can normally work around your own schedule, and the hours aren’t too extreme. This means that you can still work hard but still have some time off in the process.

Looking for a summer job? These are some of the best.

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