Best petite fashion tricks of all time

When we hear about petite fashion, they are not talking about very slim ladies, but rather, about their height. Petite ladies are those who are 5’4” or less in height. While most fashion outlets cater to taller women in general, there are some great stores out there for petite ladies. However, these stores are far and few between, not always easy to get to, and might not carry the style of clothing we are looking for. With these great fashion tips and tricks, shopping for the petite frame is no longer a headache.

Best petite fashion tricks of all time

Correct sizing

Whatever is being worn, it has to be the right size. And by this, we are mainly referring to arm and leg length. A blouse or jacket with sleeves that are too long will look messy, unprofessional, and ruin the whole outfit. The same goes for pants. Roll-ups look cute on toddlers, but that’s about as far as it goes. Folded up hems or pants that cover shoes and hang onto the floor look terrible and accentuate shorter frames. If shopping from a petite store is a problem, it’s a good idea to become well acquainted with a good seamstress to have these longer items altered to the perfect length. Yes, this does mean spending a little extra on the items, but it will be well worth it.

Height illusion

While a petite frame is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, creating the illusion of more height and taking the focus off your petite frame can bring you great confidence. High waisted items are the petite girl’s best friend. A pair of high waisted jeans make the legs look longer (and also hides the muffin top.) Another way to create height is to create a column of color. This can be achieved by wearing a jumpsuit, high waisted pants, or a dress. Even a long coat that comes to mid-calf level will create some height. Always be sure to wear heels with a long coat. Speaking of heels, nude color high heels with bare legs or colored to match the pants are another super way to extend the length of the legs.

Show some skin

A little skin goes a long way in removing the attention from your height. This can be achieved tastefully by picking one area of skin to reveal with each outfit. If legs are the choice for the day, don’t go overboard with cleavage. If a low cut top grabs your fancy, wear it with jeans. A ¾ sleeve or off the shoulder top are great ways to tastefully show off a little skin.

Best petite fashion tricks of all time

Shoes and bags

What better way to create some height than by wearing high heels? It seems obvious, but this one is often overlooked. Not everyone can pull off those 8” stilettos and certainly not every day. If traditional heels are not comfortable or not the right style, there are some totally cute platforms and even some casual sneaker heels that are in fashion right now.

Who would have guessed that a handbag would be this important? Surprisingly, it is. A handbag that is too big can actually dwarf a tiny frame and make us look even shorter. A clutch or a small satchel is the perfect companion for the vertically challenged.

Petite framed ladies are owning their styles and the fashion industry is waking up to their needs!

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