Best nail salons in NYC for a manicure and pedicure

In today’s age, having our nails looking at their best is an essential part of grooming. And that’s saying nothing about how much stress we store up in our hands and feet, desperately needing to be worked out. Just about everywhere we go in NYC, meanwhile, there seem to be new salons popping up on a regular basis. With so many great locations around, it can be difficult to find the right salon to suit a person’s individual needs. Keep reading to find out more about the best nail salons that NYC has to offer.

Best nail salons in NYC for a manicure and pedicure


Created ten years ago by Nadine Abramcyk and Adair Llyinsky, their commitment to healthy nail care and beautifully relaxed atmospheres has been the key to their success. Boasting five stunning locations overall, two of these gems can be found in New York City. It’s not your average mani-pedi place, either. One special option incorporates a hot stone massage for those tense areas or a nourishing wrap for glowing skin. All Tenoverten manicures and pedicures are finished off with your choice of nail polish color.


Scrubs, massages, wraps, nail care, and more, all set in totally chic surroundings. JINsoon is not just a salon. With four beautiful locations to choose from in NYC, these hand and foot spas will leave those aching feet and tired hands feeling like new. It’s no wonder that this is the preferred hand and foot spa for many celebrities. The JINsoon range of nail polishes is a masterpiece in itself. The vibrant array of colors available is free from harsh chemicals, extremely durable, and vegan-friendly.

Sundays nail salon

When it comes to simple relaxation, this nail salon has it done right. Not only do they believe in non-toxic products, but also a non-toxic environment. The decor has a sense of minimalistic chic and extreme comfort, which makes it the perfect place to just unwind. You can even opt for guided meditation with any luxurious treatment and top it all off with a non-toxic, vegan nail polish or gel. They have three beautiful studios around NYC.

Valley Nails

With two stunning studios in NYC, you are welcomed by a feeling of warm urban comfort from the moment you step in. The proud owner, Nina Werman, believes in using only non-toxic and natural products. If you love nail art with polish or gel, this is the place for you. Nina lets her nail artists be free with their creativity and pushes the boundaries of nail art to new horizons.

Best nail salons in NYC for a manicure and pedicure

Hortus Nailworks

If plant-based, organic, all-natural, and non-toxic are keywords for you, then you should consider a trip to Hortus Nailworks in NYC. Their treatment menu is out of this world and consists of a range of items to completely rejuvenate your hands and feet. They even have a treatment for children under the age of ten. Perfect for some mother/daughter bonding time! All of their treatment products are produced in small batches to ensure top quality using organic, locally made, non-GMO ingredients. End off your treatment with a gel or polish.

Whatever vibe you are seeking for a hand or foot pampering, NYC seems to have you covered with the crème de la crème of salons available. Always be sure to book your spot in advance.

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