The best kid-friendly things to do during the holidays

With all kids, no matter how old they might be, enjoying family time during vacations is vital. Some families, possibly due to work or study commitments, might only see each other during the holidays so making the most of this particular period is important. Let’s look at five of the best kid-friendly things to do during the holidays.

Put away mobile phones

This might be controversial, and could generate some resentment, but on day one of the holidays make an effort to put aside all personal phones for a few hours. Sit down with the kids and chat about real life, with no interruptions from Facebook or other kinds of social media. They might miss out on instantly liking something or making a timely comment. But guess what? It doesn’t matter. What’s more important is family unity and enjoying time together, and maybe, reminding the kids about this will be the perfect way to start the holiday.

Visit family

If it’s possible, take the kids to see their grandparents during the holidays. Without them, there would be no family, and they deserve love and respect. Yes, they are older and might be out of touch of what is happening today, but the bonds that children and grandparents share are of the utmost importance in their lives. Remember, grandparents won’t be around forever, and it’s imperative that your children have the chance to spend time with them while they still can.

Do something competitive as a family

It can be a lot of fun for the whole family to find a way to bond in a competitive and fun way. Try out a sport if everyone is fit enough. This friendly competition is a great way to create family fun and that all members can be involved in from children to adults. Or, pick out an indoor game where two teams compete against each other. Sometimes, even the grumpiest family member will end up being the most competitive, and get the most enjoyment out of the family exercise. This could even become an annual event, with a trophy presented to the winning family team.

Eat good food

As a family, eating meals together is very important. You’ve worked. You’ve played. And now is the time to relax together with a nice meal and more family conversation with each other. Meal time is a great opportunity to talk about everything, from school to friends to feelings. Sitting around the table without phones or electronic devices encourages family bonding in a unique way, that the children will thank you for as they grow older.

Go to the movies

After a day full of real-life family conversation, it might be time to relax with a movie. During the holidays, many excellent family friendly movies are released, and watching a good film together can give you something more to talk about. It’s a great activity that children and adults can enjoy together, and also gives you some time to relax after planning all of those other activities.

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