The beginner’s guide to picking the perfect bicycle

Being a beginner is a frustrating feat in its own right. A lot of practice is required before you can really say that you are proficient at something. Before this point, there are a lot of failed attempts and self-doubt. Having equipment that makes learning a skill difficult can only add to the frustrations and for this reason, it is important to ensure that you are buying the correct equipment for you. So below you can find a few things a beginner should consider before buying a bicycle that’s a perfect fit .

Frame size

The size of the frame is based mostly on your height. You should be able to stand over the bike with both feet flat on the ground with approximately an inch between you and the top tube of the bike. Your knees should be bent whilst on the bike. If your knees are too bent it will be harder to ride causing problems for your knees further down the line.

The beginner’s guide to picking the perfect bicycle


To keep things simple, there are basically two types of terrain. These being on-road and off-road. So ask yourself what kinds of terrain you’ll be riding on. You basically have the option of on-road bikes and off-road bikes and then a mix between the two. The hybrid bike, as it is commonly called, basically has the best of both worlds with the speed of an on road bike and the bulk of an off-roader.


Ask yourself how much you’re willing to spend. Bicycles range in price from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. If you’re the kind of person that sort of tries things out but never really sticks to it and cycling is just another venture you’re keen to try, maybe consider buying yourself a second-hand bike to avoid the dramatic effects of depreciation.


First and foremost a helmet because head injuries are very much preventable. If you plan on riding at night, it is advisable that you purchase some sort of light for your bicycle and a reflective vest so you can be seen by other vehicles if you plan on cycling on the road. You have to decide if you want your bike to have cleats that clip onto your shoes when you ride. This is not advisable for beginner riders because a certain amount of skill is required to unclip yourself from the cleats if you fall.

The beginner’s guide to picking the perfect bicycle


Rim brakes connected to the rim of your wheel and can be problematic in less than ideal weather conditions. Disc brakes grip onto the bike rotor instead of the wheel and are better in bad weather conditions. Coaster brakes work by pedaling backward and are ideal for those who cannot effectively utilize their grip strength to break.


The more difficult the ride, the more gears you are going to need. Especially if you aren’t a strong cyclist. If you only really plan on riding on smoother and less variant terrains then a fewer number of gears will do the trick.
So before laying out money on a bicycle, it’s a good idea to have all your facts in check to avoid wasting your time and money and to avoid purchasing something that isn’t exactly what you want or what’s meant for you.

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