How to get a super tan with no sun exposure

That sun-kissed glow is every bikini wearer’s dream… but the damaging effects of UV rays from the sun are more of a nightmare. UVA and UVB rays are what burns our skin and are the leading cause of premature aging, not to mention their carcinogenic factors as well. We all know that the sun is crucial to our survival overall, but it’s no longer crucial for having the golden skin we aspire to. So stop roasting your poor skin cells, put on some sunscreen, and take a look at these great alternatives for super tan skin.

How to get a super tan with no sun exposure


This is by far the number one choice of sunless tanning. It is fast, efficient, and lasts relatively long. But how does it work and how is it done properly? We’ve all seen images of self-tanning disasters and that’s not what we want for you. Self-tanning comes in many forms. Lotions, mousses, gels, sprays, and more. However, they all contain the same active ingredient. Enter Dihydroxyacetate (DHA). This incredible discovery works by way of a chemical reaction with the skin cells in the upper layers of the skin. Products range from a one-percent potency up to 15 percent. The higher the percentage, the darker the tan. We would advise starting with a low percentage if it’s your first time using a self-tanning product.

To use these products, it’s always best to clean the skin well and give it a good exfoliation before application. This will help your tan look more even and last longer. It’s also best not to moisturize the skin before use as this could interfere with the product and cause blotchy patches. Apply the product on the skin using circular motions to reduce the risk of streaking. Always follow the product packaging for the correct application method to yield the best results.

If done correctly, the tan should start forming around two to four hours after application and should reach its peak maturity between 24 to 48 hours after application. This tan will be water, sweat, and soap resistant. The tan should last between four and seven days, but soaking in water for long periods could cause fading a bit sooner.

How to get a super tan with no sun exposure

Natural bronzers

This is the perfect choice for those one-off occasions that we want to look our best for. A bronzer is a temporary solution for a tanned look because it will come off with a bit of soap and water. Some of the ingredients found in these products are walnut extract, jojoba extract, henna, fig, and caramel. Natural bronzers are easy to apply and the color effect is immediate.

People have been self-tanning since the 1960s and many products have come and gone in that time. Today we are fortunate enough to be able to test the safety of these products. Continuous studies and research are being done on new and better ways for safer, glorious tans. So be safe and tan responsibly.