The most elegant women of this generation

Style, class, sophistication, and charm. All of these words come to mind when we look at elegant women. Some women are simply born with an air of grandeur about them and it’s no surprise they have made it into the public eye. Iconic women like Audrey Hepburn and Jaqueline Kennedy have taken center stage for decades, but today, we have a new era of elegance emerging.

These are a few iconic women who are setting the bar for elegance in our society today.

Kate Middleton

Snagging a prince is no easy feat. And just by looking at Kate Middleton, it’s easy to see why Prince William fell in love. Kate is the embodiment of grace. To be crowned the future Queen Consort, she would have to be elegant and sophisticated, which she most certainly is. Her sense of style is that of conservative sophistication and has been called “influential” by both British and American media. Kate Middleton is not just a pretty face, though, as she’s also well known for being actively involved with many charity organizations.

The most elegant women of this generation

Keira Knightley

This London-born actress just oozes feminine charm. Her innate beauty and classic sense of style is the reason Keira features as one of the world’s most elegant women today. Her grandiose style on the red carpet is followed through by her more comfortable chic look on her casual days. Besides the very impressive work she does on screen and stage, Keira is also involved with many charities. She has even been the face of a campaign for Amnesty International in support of human rights.

Anne Hathaway

This Academy Award-winning American actress brings an essence of style and elegance to every red carpet she has ever walked on. Style like this is hard to come by nowadays, but Hathaway makes it seem utterly effortless. Her porcelain skin and beautiful neckline can make any dress look good. Not only is Hathaway a fantastic actress and singer, but she’s also a true philanthropist at heart.

Lupita Nyong’o

Style comes effortlessly to this Kenyan jewel. Lupita brings in fashion flavor from all of her life experiences, from being born in Mexico City, raised in Kenya, and completing her studies in America. The Academy Award-winning actress and model is renowned for her individuality and sophistication. Her amazing talent, natural beauty, and retro elegance style is the reason her face has graced the covers of so many magazines worldwide.

The most elegant women of this generation

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Whether it’s on the red carpet, casual coffee dates, or the big screen, Aishwarya is a woman who exudes elegance from every fiber of her being. Born in India, this actress and model is truly the diamond of Bollywood. Aishwarya is rated as one of the most beautiful women in the world. She even claimed the top spot of that title when she was crowned the winner of the Miss World pageant in 1994.

Elegance is a rare commodity these days. It is looked at like a rare piece of art. But elegance is not just about beauty and style. It is also a state of mind; one which the above-mentioned women have all effortlessly acquired.