Are you dating a narcissist?

According to medical researchers, narcissism is a type of mental disorder, in which one has an inflated personality. People with this kind of problem believe that they are superior to others. They usually have a deep need for admiration. Although they do possess an ultra-confidence, they also have fragile self-esteem, which makes them vulnerable to even the slightest criticism. Does this behavior sound familiar? Does your significant other talk about themself all the time? If so, you may be dating a narcissist.

In order to figure out if you are dating a narcissist, you have to know the behaviors to look out for that will help you identify it. If these descriptions sound like your boyfriend or girlfriend, they might be red flags that signal that your significant other has this personality disorder.

They like talking about themselves

Due to their inflated personality, narcissists love to talk about themselves. They use exaggeration when doing this to express superiority. In most conversations, they usually take over the discussion and shift the subject of focus to themselves. They prefer topics like accomplishments and personal achievement.

They like instant gratification

Because they are self-absorbed and self-centered, narcissists usually like instant gratification. For instance, they will want you to respond to their needs immediately, and so they tend to be impatient. They also usually insist on doing things their way.

They are manipulative

Narcissists are usually experts at manipulating their partners. They tend to use their partners to meet their needs without caring for their partner’s opinions or feelings.

They constantly put others down

Due to their high sense of insecurity, narcissists often try to pull others down so that they can feel superior. In most cases, the narcissist will talk negatively about their colleagues so that they can prove that they are better than others. You can observe this behavior from the first time you meet a narcissist. They usually begin with a very charming personality, but if you pay close attention, you will notice the narcissism in the form of passive-aggressive comments or jokes. It might be about your work, lifestyle or even background.

They act negatively when you don’t give them what they want

Narcissist usually have a tendency of dealing badly with rejection and denial. They will act negatively when you deny them what they want, even if it is for a good reason.

These important tips can help you analyze your partner, and figure out if you are, in fact, dating a narcissist.

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