Annoying airplane habits that people should probably stop doing

Flying can be extremely stressful. You’re in the air with other people in an enclosed space for hours. Even though it’s not an ideal situation, don’t make it more difficult for everyone else.

Whether it’s invading personal space or acting rudely to the flight attendants, the things people do on airplanes can be so annoying and unnecessary. Let’s all try to be more mindful of our behavior to make flying a more enjoyable experience for everyone around us.

[post_page_title]Please don’t eat that[/post_page_title]

Snacks can be a good idea to bring on the plane. However, we strongly advise against packing anything that has a very strong smell or smells weird. Everyone is packed into a small space and the smells end up spreading to the rest of the aircraft.

Please don’t eat that

Examples of food you should be avoiding are hard boiled eggs, tuna, and maybe all fish in general. You don’t want to be the most hated person on the flight.

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