How to adjust to 9 to 5 working life

We all know the tune – “working 9 till 5, what a way to make a living…” No seriously, Dolly’s talking sense. It really doesn’t need to be such a drag. Working is a necessity, so make the most of your new way of living. It has its benefits you know! A life of the same routine, day in day out really isn’t as soul-crushing as it sounds.

So stop worrying. It’s not going to be too much of a rude awakening to your University slumber, as long as you prepare yourself and behave in the right ways. Responsibilities are ahead of you, so polish your armor and put your game-face on. It’s nearly time to enter the ‘real world’.

There’s plenty of ways for you to allow yourself to comfortably and easily adjust to the standard weekday working life. You can do it! Here’s our best tips.

How to adjust to 9 to 5 working life

Set out your goals

Remember why you completed your higher-education in the first place. It was always going to end, so accept this new phase in your life and set out your new goals. Try not to think of your new 9-5 as an evil life-long punishment. Think of it as more of a stepping stone to where you want to go and what you want to do next. It’s rare that you’ll go straight into your dream job, so be patient and keep working towards your dreams.

Speak up

We all have to do it. Look around in the morning commute times at all the sad looking faces – they’re thinking the exact same of you! Remember that we’re all human and if you feel yourself seriously struggling, then speak up and talk to someone about how much you hate it. Chances are you’ll feel a lot better just by letting it out.

Keep your hobbies up

Sure you are entering a new era of your life when you’re officially an adult. But that doesn’t mean you need to leave everything and everyone behind. Hold on to what made you happy before and make the time to keep up the hobbies and interests that have always taken up your free time. Weekends are much more exciting when you’ve been working all week so make plans!

Plan your workday meals

It’s really important you stay healthy. This means meal prepping your daily lunches and ensuring you’re eating all the right foods to fuel your body with the right nutrition. It’s easy to get yourself in a slump if you’re spending unnecessarily huge amounts of money on takeout lunches, so manage your meals well and make good choices. Lunch is much more fulfilling when you’ve got a nice homemade meal.

How to adjust to 9 to 5 working life

Spend safely

It’s a rite of passage to splash out on the first day of your first official pay cheque as a working man or woman, but don’t go too stupid. Organize and calculate how much disposable income you have each month and stick to your budget! Resist temptations and be sensible, but of course treat yourself when you can. It’s super easy to find yourself horribly stressed when you spend too much money, so don’t let happen.

It’s time to adjust to a 9-5 working life, but believe it or not, it’s is a great thing. This is where your life can take hold and your dreams can all come true. Just remember that ‘you-time’ is important too. Flap your wings and fly to wherever you want to go. Just know it may take some time to get there…so be patient, work hard, and look after yourself.

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