Accessories that every woman must have

Accessories play a huge role in deciding how you step out into the world. You might have a pair of favorite earrings or a stylish pair of shoes, but if you are thinking about going out in style and making a fashion statement, then you know very well that one pair of earrings or two pairs of shoes don’t make a difference.

A classy, elegant woman is dressed right for the occasion. She looks different at work, at parties, and at casual outings. To achieve this, you need to have some very essential accessories and make-up items that can spruce up your look. We have put together a list of accessories that every woman must have.


Sunglasses are one of the oldest trends in fashion. Hollywood celebrities and fashion models have been using sunglasses to accessorize almost any kind of outfit for a long time. Whether you are heading out for work, or to a casual meeting with friends, the right sunglasses accentuate your look and your outfit. You might have heard that bigger is better, but this is not always the case. Choose sunglasses that are best suited for the shape of your face, and also to the color of your hair.

Accessories that every woman must have


A girl just cannot go anywhere without her bag. They are one of the essential accessories and the perfect expression of your personality. There are big, oversized tote bags, and simple, sleek bags. Women choose bags that tune well with their overall outfit and how they present themselves to the outside world. Vintage chic or work mode, either way, choose your bags carefully. They say a lot about you.

Red flats

Red is all the rage now. Red lipstick, red dresses, red bags, and of course, red flats. Somehow, red gives a woman that classy yet glamorous look. Red flats pair well with cocktail dresses, and they give just the right pop of color. The color red makes you appear as a bold, confident woman who is sure of her choices.

Printed scarves

A printed scarf is the perfect way to finish off your outfit of the day. Simply loop them around your neck, and voila, you have a perfect splash of color. You can even use scarves to create two completely different looks using the same outfit. In addition, print scarves bring just the right amount of jazz to a piece of semi-formal clothing.


Jewelry makes the woman. A chunky necklace or a funky bangle can add some flavor to how you look for the day. Choose your jewelry very carefully and make sure not to go over the top. Select pieces that accentuate your features subtly. Remember, too much jewelry can make you look tacky and too little can dim your appearance.

Accessories that every woman must have

Red lipstick

Audrey Hepburn once said that “there’s a shade of red for every woman.” This is indeed very true. Every woman, irrespective of their hair color, skin color, and facial features, can pull-off a shade of red on their lips. For some, a dark, blood red lipstick might do the trick, while for others, a wine red can be more appealing. You might have to experiment a bit, but you definitely need the right shade of red lipstick in your make-up kit.

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