Absolutely essential Marrakech traveling tips

It’s easy to get lost exploring Marrakech. There are so many wonders to see in the Moroccan city that you could easily miss out on the best of them if you don’t plan your visit accordingly. If you’re organizing a vacation to the city and want to ensure that you make the most of the experience, there are some tips you ought to keep in mind. These will stop you missing out on everything that Marrakech has to offer.

Take a tour with the locals

What better way to explore the city than to have one of the locals show you around? No-one knows the area better than them, and there’s a company called Marrakech By Locals who can give you exactly what you’re looking for at a great price. It’s recommended that you don’t do any shopping while on the tour so you don’t hold anyone up. Take photos of things you like and that way you can go back to them later. It’s also a good idea to wear something comfortable on your feet because these tours can go on for miles. At least you know you’ll get to see everything.

Make a note of essential landmarks

Parts of Marrakech can look completely different at night because all of the shops are closed. If you were using these as pinpoints to remember where you were during the day, they’ll be no good to you come nightfall. It’s a good idea to take note of where the most prominent landmarks are and use them as your basis when traveling through the city. Hopefully, you won’t get lost if you do this.

Pack light for shopping

If you don’t go shopping while you’re in Marrakech, you’re missing out on one of the best things the city has to offer. There are so many stalls in the city that you can probably find anything you want, and all in incredible designs authentic to the area. You’ll want to make sure you leave yourself a good deal of room in your bags to accommodate anything you decide to buy. Although, if you’re someone who’s trying to save money, maybe do the opposite so you won’t be tempted to get too much.

Be prepared to haggle

In marketplaces like this, you need to be skilled at haggling. It’s not that every shopkeeper is trying to con you out of money, but they like to try their luck. It’s important not to approach a stall looking nervous or bewildered because they’re sure signs that you don’t know what you’re doing. Acting disinterested can get you far, as can throwing out some humor. You’ll be surprised by how much a price can drop if you persevere, but don’t be afraid to walk away if things become too much.

You’ll also need to use this in other situations, such as when catching cabs. It’s a good idea to ask a reliable local how much a trip from A to B will cost because cab drivers will almost always quote you a much heftier price. Unfortunately, if you look like a tourist, they’ll assume they can trick you out of your money. Just respond with the amount you were given earlier and try to be firm. You might have to settle for something slightly higher than you want, but you won’t get ripped off quite so badly.

Avoid the tap water

If you’re used to drinking water straight from the tap, you might want to change your habits once you’re in Marrakech. It’s not considered especially safe to drink water that doesn’t come bottled unless you want to lose your vacation in bed feeling worse for wear. With so much to see in the city, there are far better ways to spend your days.

You can’t get bored on a vacation in Marrakech. There are too many places to explore, things to buy and experiences to have, especially when you keep all of these tips in mind.

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