5 tips to avoid bringing work home with you from the office

“Just one more email,” we say to ourselves as the clock strikes 12 am and we are still going at it. For many of us, we just don’t know how to stop. There is an urge in some of us that pushes us to do as much work as possible in a day. To the point where we have started to feel guilty when we aren’t working. In reality, though, we should be feeling guilty to our loved ones for working so much. Bringing work home means that we are bringing home all that stress along with us too. Research has found that overworking in this way can directly lead to depression, physical illnesses, and a breakdown of personal relationships. If the overworking bug has bitten, it can be a very tough habit to kick. Try these five tips to shake the habit and get your home life back.

5 tips to avoid bringing work home with you from the office

Plan correctly

Good time management can be a big problem for those who bring work home with them. Eight hours at the office should be sufficient for completing all the work tasks. Planning the day correctly can help to ensure that everything gets done on time. If need be, book out the evenings at home so no other appointments can take that place in the schedule.

Leave work on time

Working long hours at the office will not get us the recognition we want, because in actual fact, we are only feeding our own egos and nobody else really cares. As the end of the day approaches, our mindset should know that our work must be finished by five pm. Having everything done on time and walking out the door at closing time is a liberating feeling for someone who is overworked. This is so important that some offices have made it impossible for employees to stay later.

Don’t take the laptop home

Probably the most important point on this list. Go cold turkey and make working from home an impossible task. Those who are highly attached to work will feel completely lost for the first week and not know what to do with themselves at home. Give it some time. The urge to want to work will eventually dissipate and other family activities will take their rightful place. Our kids and partners will thank us for this one.

Unwind after work

Use the commute home to destress the mind and get the focus away from work. Listen to music, stop by the gym, or do a spot of shopping. Getting home earlier than normal will allow us to do things we wouldn’t normally be able to, like taking the kids and dog for a walk, helping our partners with some chores, and even attempting the occasional dinner.

5 tips to avoid bringing work home with you from the office

Put the phone away

Get into the mindset that home time is family time. Putting our phones away is so important in today’s screen-dependant world. Lead by example and let this habit flow through to every member of the household. Families are not bonding and relationships are not getting any stronger when everyone is glued to a screen. Disable work emails from the phone if the temptation becomes too much.

We get a precious four to five hours a day to spend with our families. Let them know that they are more important than your work.

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