5 easy beauty tips from Jennifer Lopez

As one of the most beautiful women in the world, there’s no doubt about the fact that all eyes have been on Jennifer Lopez over the years. She has taken the performing world by storm, and it seems as though there is nothing she can’t do. She can sing, she can dance, she can act, and she knows how to work a camera. Because of this, everyone wants to be her. Although there’s sadly no chance of this happening, you can follow her beauty tips!

Jennifer Lopez

It’s all about the facial oil

Jennifer Lopez is not only known for being Jenny from the Block, but she’s also known for her beautiful skinning. She always has the most perfect glow, and it seems as though there is never a blemish in sight. So, what’s her secret? J-Lo’s makeup artist has dished the dirt on her facial routine, and it seems as though it’s all about the facial oil. Lopez is particularly fond of Själ’s Saphir Concentrate facial oil which is made from aquamarine (also known as the stone of eternal youth), blue chamomile, biomarine complex, and botanical retinol. It’s expensive at $175 a bottle, but if it works for J-Lo then what’s the harm in giving it a go?

Less is more

Over the course of her career, J-Lo has rocked some rather extravagant makeup looks. Yet, if you’ve taken notice of her recently, you’ll have realized that she has toned it down a bit. That’s because J-Lo now wants to give her skin a break. She is now of the opinion that less is more, which is why she sticks to the basics. She uses a cleanser on her face every day, she utilizes a mild makeup remover, and she then uses a sunscreen-moisturizer combo to top things off.

Get enough sleep

This is the cheapest beauty tip that J-Lo has to offer because it’s completely free! Lopez is all about getting enough sleep because she believes that sleep keeps your mind and your body on top form – which ultimately makes you look and feel better. She told InStyle that she would love to get 10 hours of sleep a night, but she knows that isn’t always possible. However, she does make sure that she always gets 8 hours.

Jennifer Lopez

Take care of your hair

Jennifer Lopez has the kind of enviable hair we’d all want in our lives, and it seems as though the reason we all love it so much is because she takes great care of it. She is constantly having her hair fluffed up and preened by her hair stylists, so she treats herself to a deep conditioning mask a few times a week. This allows her to keep her hair in tip-top condition, even if it doesn’t want to be.

Stick to what suits you

Although Jennifer Lopez could play around with color and bold looks if she wanted to, she rarely does it. That’s because she prefers to stick to what suits her, and she’s all about the nude looks. She will rarely be seen without a nude lipstick on her plump lips, and she normally opts for subtle tones in terms of her eyeshadow and nail color. This is because she is a natural beauty, and wants to show this off.

Ever wanted to recreate J-Lo’s looks? Well, these beauty tips are the perfect place to start.

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