5 beauty problems you can solve with water

Did you know that 60% of our body is made up of water? Yes, there really is a good reason that we should keep hydrated throughout the day. As well as helping to make sure our organs are getting everything we need, there are also 5 beauty problems you can solve with water, too.

Dry and brittle hair

Our hair can get thirsty – kind of. Being dehydrated means that our body tries to hold onto any extra water that it can. This means that everything will start to suffer as a result. Many of us fork over hundreds of dollars to try and get shiny, lustful hair, but the answer might be more straightforward than we first thought. Making sure that we get enough water really can help to improve the quality and appearance of our hair.

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Fine lines

Aging is something that many of us will never be able to control, but we can help to make sure that our skin has all the help it needs to look youthful and full of life. Drinking enough water means that our skin should have all it needs to be elastic and full. An added bonus is that water helps to flush out the majority of toxins in our body. The result? Our skin is often left glowing from the inside out with fewer breakouts overall. Perfect.

Brittle nails

Typing on the computer all day, working hard outdoors, and heading to the gym can see our hands and nails need a little help every now and then. Thankfully, there could be a simple way to make sure that we’re giving our nails all the support they need to be strong and healthy. Not having enough water means that our nails will become dry and brittle – often breaking as a result. All you need to do is sip on the good stuff throughout the day to help put those worries to rest.

Dry skin

It can be tough to balance our skin – especially as many of us are often surrounded by all kinds of environmental factors that can have a huge impact over the years. Would you believe that you can protect the outside from the inside? Yes, all you need to do is make sure that you’re getting enough water every day to ensure that you keep the pH of your skin balanced. Water helps to flush out any additional acid or alkaline in our systems. It might not be long before the results start to show on our skin.

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Dark under-eye circles

Many of us believe that dark undereye circles come from a lack of sleep or a lot of stress. While these can play a part in their appearance, they might not be the only reason that many of us are walking around while pulling off our best panda impression. It turns out that not getting enough water can also play a huge role. When we’re dehydrated, our bodies hold onto extra water and can often become bloated and puffy as a result. Sipping on enough good stuff could soon rewind years of side effects.

It turns out that enough water could be the key ingredient that many of us need in our beauty regime, after all. Yes, swapping out your beauty routine and making some significant changes could really be as simple as making sure that you sip on enough water throughout the day. You could soon solve many of your problems as a result.

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