The 4 makeup products you actually need

Makeup can get really cluttered, really fast. When we test out products, we may end up with a bunch of stuff we don’t need or like. This can be a problem when trying to be organized and clutter-free. So, here’s the makeup products that are necessary and shouldn’t be thrown out.

The 4 makeup products you actually need


We know this isn’t a makeup product, but this was too important not to mention. Sunscreen needs to go under any face of makeup regardless of who you are. It has so many benefits because it protects the skin from UV rays. These rays can cause premature aging, dry skin, and imperfections. This necessary step will have you thanking yourself for that glowing, youthful skin. Some BB creams and CC creams have sunscreen in them already, so they are perfect for the coverage and prevention of sunspots. Alternatively, many people are embracing their natural beauty and throwing out foundation to opt for a more glowing, au-naturale look. We can prevent new sunspots with sunscreen, but what about covering the blemishes we already have? Unlike a heavy face of foundation, a spot of concealer here and there can do wonders for the face. It can brighten under the eyes and cover blemishes, as well as to enhance the right places and hide those pesky spots.

Brow gel

These days, bushy and natural brows are in. The best way to achieve this look is brow gel that not only adds definition to brows but also keeps them locked in place for the day. Brows frame the face, so they are very important in a face of makeup. The key is to either go for clear brow gel or a gel that is one shade lighter than the natural shade of your brows. Why? Because it can be super easy to land up with brows that are way too harsh. Lighter gels help to avoid the awkward moment of looking at old photos and cringing at the unnatural, dark brows. Ultimately, brow gel is a must.


The next thing after brows that is important to define is the eyes. Some mornings we wake up late and don’t have time to do a whole smoky eye. Mascara, the right one, can make eyes pop. The key is to go for one that looks natural and doesn’t bunch up the eyelashes. Waterproof mascaras tend to last longer throughout the day and smudge less. For the no-makeup makeup look, go for a brown mascara that will lengthen and add volume but won’t be as noticeable as black. For more creative people, there are also blue and purple mascaras that will really stand out on brown eyes – just don’t ever skip the mascara.

The 4 makeup products you actually need

Lipgloss or Lipstick

Nothing is more satisfying than finding the perfect shade of red lipstick, or a nude lipstick that stays throughout the whole day. Having on lipstick is an easy way to make people assume you’ve put loads of effort into your makeup when you really didn’t. It also aids in the illusion that you’re wearing a full face of makeup. A few good shades can work for any occasion. For formal events, red or brown lipstick is perfect. For every day, a nice nude lipstick or lipgloss is great. For fall, vampy reds and orangey shades look great. Lipsticks have come far in how many shades are available so it’s truly a great way to class up a face.

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