The health benefits you can get from salmon

Hands up if you’ve heard of all the things you should and shouldn’t be eating? Although it can seem as though the world wants to stand in our way of having fun, it seems the health benefits you can get from salmon might be enough to see us putting this fish back on the menu.

It’s full of protein

Protein is an essential part of our diet that helps to build strong muscles, protect our bones, and gives us many other health benefits. Thankfully, salmon is full of the stuff – and one portion could be enough to fulfill your daily recommended allowance! To top it off, the protein in salmon can also help the anti-aging process as well as support our bodies to heal after an injury.

There’s a lot of potassium

Did you know that salmon typically contains more potassium than the same amount of bananas? Yes, this fish could do wonders to help with our blood pressure which, in turn, will reduce our chances of having a stroke. This is thanks to the potassium preventing water retention in our bodies which causes our blood pressure to skyrocket.

It’s good for your heart

All those omega-3 fats in salmon help to balance out the omega-6 fats that many of us have already. Research has shown how an imbalance of the two fatty acids could raise our chances of developing heart disease. Plus, the antioxidants in the fish can help to lower the level of cholesterol in our blood.

It could help you lose weight

Many of us dream of dropping a few pounds and salmon could help you to do just that. The high-protein content helps to keep us feeling fuller for longer while the fish also has several metabolism boosting properties that will help our bodies to burn through any extra fat we have stored. To top it off, salmon can also help to reduce the fat around our livers.

It’s an anti-inflammatory

Inflammation has been linked to many illnesses over the years, including certain cancers, heart disease, and even diabetes. If you find yourself at risk of these illnesses or want to prevent them in the future, then eating salmon could help with your goal. It’s shown that the fish can also reduce symptoms in patients already living with these conditions.

It can help our brains

Eating salmon might not give you the answers to the universe, but it will sure help to make your brain more prepared to learn, as well as helping to reduce the risk of dementia, salmon can also slow down the rate of memory loss as well as decrease anxiety and depression levels. A big exam coming up? It might be time for a fish dinner.

It seems as though there’s nothing that salmon can’t do. In fact, with all these health benefits and more, it could be time for all of us to start including this delicious fish in our diet if we want to be the healthiest version of ourselves yet – inside and out.