How to wear mismatched earrings and stand out

How does pairing two mismatched earrings sound? Meet the new fashion trend that offers a silver lining for those left behind. An unexpected jewelry choice like mismatched earrings will add a little quirkiness to your outfit in a bid to elevate it, especially if you are a minimalist.

Pulling off this look has to do with having fun with unexpected silhouettes that instantly update your look. Certainly, the craze isn’t new. In this article, we are going to talk about how to wear mismatched earrings, but we’ll first begin with the Do’s and Don’ts to wearing mismatched earrings.

How to wear mismatched earrings and stand out


1.Play with shapes and pairing them together is so much fun. For instance, you can choose to match a tiny stud with a large statement hoop. Several jewelry stores sell pairs of earrings that exactly resemble that.

2.Play with length – what’s great about the mismatched earrings trend is that you have what it takes to play with length however you like. You can pair one earring that is incredibly long with one stud. Asymmetry is really perfect for this trend.

3.Match materials – matching stones is an awesome way to make this trend more wearable for you. For example, if one side of the earring showcases pearl details, ensure that the other side has that as well. The same case applies to metals. Keep it to silver or gold.


1.Mix two statements – note that the mismatched look is a statement on its own, which is enough to rock your look. So, when wearing mismatched earrings, one side should be the statement while the other side should be subtle.

2.Be afraid –  be confident when wearing this trend. When it comes to wearing anything, the biggest trick is to believe in yourself and you will find all your friends falling in love with your new trend. So, wear your mismatched earrings with confidence. It looks great!

How to wear mismatched earrings and stand out

Picking the right mismatched earring set

Finding some connection between the two earrings is important to avoid looking as if you put on two earrings by mistake. Focus on some of these correlating factors to pick the perfect mismatched earring set:


A good pair of earrings often shares the same theme. Both earrings can be radically different from each other, but they should share a common theme to ensure the two sides complement each other. Choosing the theme is entirely dependent on you. Popular theme options include such things as stars, sun, flowers, moon, geometric shapes, sailing, etc.


One of the best correlating factors is color. You can choose earrings that are considerably different in other aspects, but make sure they have a common color to connect the two pieces. Alternatively, you can pick complimentary colors that create a harmonious contrast andquot; such as blue and yellow or black and white. Lastly, make sure to complement your outfit. Minimize other embellishments so the focus can lie squarely on your jewelry. If you wear large and eye-catching mismatched earrings, your outfit should have neutral colors.

A perfect way to wear mismatched earrings is to complement your earrings with a matching hairstyle. Your earrings will take a center stage if your hair is up. Side swept hair provides a fantastic way to accentuate the difference in your earrings.