Tips on how to wear a pantsuit

Corporate work wear isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of stylish outfits. With good reason too. Corporate work wear, which is basically made up of pant and skirt suits, isn’t the most exciting prospect out there. It’s considered boring and lots of people who have to wear suits day in day out do not have many ideas on how to put a tasteful suit together without stepping out of professional wear lines.

With fashion, trends come with changing times, and luckily, these work suits have not been left behind. With countless designers seeking to refresh looks that have otherwise been termed as boring and stiff, the corporate pantsuit has gotten a new leash of life and it’s no longer the unflattering outfit it used to be. Different cuts, designs, materials and styles have been brought in to create a variety of choices when it comes to pantsuits. With lots of women adopting pantsuits too, the once predominantly male outfit is now being engineered to favour feminine structures.

Photo: BURST

With these improvements, you no longer have to rock the same look with every pantsuit you wear every day of the week. Below, we’ll look at some tips on how to wear your pantsuit tastefully without violating work place dress etiquette. With these, corporate work wear will no longer be as bland as you might have found it.

Ditch Black and Go Bold

Black is the standard work pantsuit color that most workers in the corporate world go for. It’s professional and a very easy look to pull off. However, experimenting with bold colors in between your black ensembles will give you variety for your work clothes. Colors such as blue, pink and green are just some which will look great for work.

Incorporate and Mix Colors

A white, black or grey suit looks okay, and that’s why most people go for either. You can make your monochromatic pantsuit a bit more dashing by pairing it with a camisole or blouse in a bright color. You can also have your pants and blazer in different colors which complement each other.

Wear With Heels

There’s nothing that adds a fierce touch of feminity to an outfit than the right pair of pumps. They’ll not only make you feel and appear taller, but also get you feeling good all work day long.


Make Sure It Fits

As mentioned, work wear isn’t meant to be the most flattering outfit you can put on. The days of putting on suits that hang off your shoulders lifelessly are gone however. There are many modern cuts and designs available that will provide you with a form fitting suit that is made for your body while still maintaining a professional touch. Keep away from baggy suits and get one that leaves you feeling comfortable.

Go Casual

Pantsuits used to be a workplace affair only, but not anymore. Many designs that allow for casual and evening wear are now available. You can put together anything from a T-shirt under your suit paired with sneakers, or go for a bolder look with form fitting pants and a revealing blazer.
Whatever look you go for, make sure it looks good on you and you’re good to go.